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P7236344a.jpg923.65kb2-At Lakeside Sidings (F White)Public[View] [Download] [Edit] 
S&P Crane CC1011 at Town Quay - Southampton 4-3-1961 (C) Bert Moody.jpg1.52 MBCC1011 at Town Quay SouthamptonStaff (not logged in)[View] [Download] [Edit] 
S&P Crane CC1011 at Norden on 12 April 2006 (C) Phil Scott.JPG688.47kbS&P Crane CC1011 at Norden on 12 April 2006Staff (not logged in)[View] [Download] [Edit] 
Report of a thorough exam including proof load test - CC1011.jpg1.28 MBRecertificationStaff (not logged in)[View] [Download] [Edit] 
CC1011 Proof Load Test - 12.5 tons.jpg921.06kbCC1011 Proof Load Test - 12.5 tons (c) F WhiteStaff (not logged in)[View] [Download] [Edit]